Lunch Menu

Examples of our 3 course

menu of the day


Country paté - Beef lasagna and salad - Red fruit Tiramisu 

Tuna mayonnaise salad - Braised beef, mixed vegetables, sautéed potatoes -

Chocolate mousse

Quenelles in Bechamel sauce - Roast chicken, homecut chips and salad

- Cherry Clafouti

Slice of homemade pizza - Pork stew with braised rice - Apple tart

Homemade quiche - Beef Bourguignon and tagliatelle - Apple and sultana strudle

Duck liver pate - Tartiflette and salad - Profiteroles

A la carte choice


French onion soup with grilled Beaufort cheese 10€


Homemade vegetable soup 6€


Cheese and bacon burger with homemade bun and chips 14,50€


'Maxi' Homemade cheese and ham toastie (Béchamel sauce and Beaufort cheese)

and a mixed salad  14€


Escalope Milanaise (breadcrumbed turkey) with homecut chips and a mixed salad 13.50€


Large mixed salad with potatoes, bacon bits and a soft poached egg 13€


For the children: chicken nuggets or plain burger with homecut chips 7€

Desserts, Café Gourmand