Evening Menu winter season



Burgundy snails in garlic and parsley butter.

x6             12€

x12       19€50


French onion soup with grilled Beaufort cheese 10€


Beef carpaccio marinated with herbs, with a rocket salad and Parmesan shavings 17€50


Mixed salad with smoked bacon bits seared in vinager, potato and soft poached egg



Risotto with Morel mushrooms and walnuts 19€

Main courses


Creamy Chowder of red snapper and fresh herbs,

served with a green vegetable risotto



Veal escalope with cured ham and a cream sauce, accompanied by crozets grilled with Tomme de Bauges cheese



Lamb shank tajine, with dried fruits and almonds, served with couscous




Cheese and bacon burger with homemade bun and chips 14,50€


Escalope Milanaise (breadcrumbed turkey) with homecut chips and a mixed salad 13.50€

Faux filet with beurre maitre d'hotel, potato gratin, braised mushrooms and provençale tomatoes  26€50


Pan fried spinach and potatoes with a freerange soft poached egg and garlic bread



For the children: chicken nuggets or plain burger with homecut chips 9€



Vanille Crème Brulée  7€


Chocolate cake with melted centre, Chantilly cream and vanilla ice cream 6.50€


Apple and almond strudle with blackcurrant sorbet 8€


White chocolat creamy dessert laybered with raspberries,

 sprinkled with speculoos  7€


Cheeseplate with Tomme des Bauges and Beaufort 9€